Our Ice Cream

Fresh and Creamy Italian Soft Serve Ice Cream

One of the reasons why Storkies has become so popular on his rounds is the ice cream that he serves. People know that they are going to get fresh, creamy and delicious soft serve ice cream, every time.

Storkies deliver a top quality product which is still great value for money.

He uses a fresh Italian made mix, not long life or powdered mix, whipping up a quality, superior soft serve that just tastes better than the rest.

Storkies’ soft serve is made using an Italian built ice cream machine (whippy machine) made by the world class Carpigiani company, who are renowned for making the best ice cream machines in the world.

ice cream = happiness

Storkies offer a range of products and toppings to complement the delicious ice cream that he serves.

You can go for the Traditional 99 or if you are feeling indulgent, opt for the Twin 99.

You can choose one of our speciality ‘mega’ waffle cones. A tasty cone packed full of ice cream. 

And don’t forget the toppings. You can customise your ice cream by adding a range of toppings to suit your tastebuds.

You can add Orio, Biscoff, Crunchie as well as a selection of sauces: strawberry, lime, choc, caramel and the famous bubblegum.

Top it all off with some chopped or nibbed peanuts.

And for the kids, don’t forget the amazing Rainbow sprinkles.

Storkies also off a range of Sundaes and trays so if you can think it, Storkie can make it for you.