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The story of Storkie and Snow White

Storkie's story

Dave started working on an ice-cream van in 2010 in Gloucestershire. He began doing the rounds working for a company that had 5 or 6 vans.

He worked 5 summers, street trading,  and really enjoyed serving the customers and seeing the children’s smiles. This is where the dream to have his own van started taking shape. After moving to the Forest of Dean, Dave realised that the forest needed its own ice-cream van.

Dave began looking for a van for Storkies. He found a van and soon realised that it was much harder than he first expected. He spent a lot of time and money learning how to maintain the van, getting into a much better condition than it was.

In the first year of trading, Dave started getting the van into shape, maintaing the machines, learning the trade.

In his 2nd, Dave focused on establishing the rounds, quickly becoming a familiar face and a firm family favourite.

Then Covid struck! Storkies just about kept going by doing door to door delivery of his ice creams – it took twice as long, but for many, getting an ice cream from Storkie was the highlight of their week during lockdown.

Snow White's Story

Storkie’s van, affectionately known as Snow White, is the face of Storkies. Her bright colours and unique tune are instantly recognisable throughout the Forest of Dean. Without Snow White, there would be no Storkies.

Dave and Snow White first met in a yard full of ice cream vans in Bolton. It wasn’t love at first sight. Dave recalls how neglected and unloved she looked.

After nursing her home at 40mph, Dave set to work on restoring her to her former glory, which was no mean feat as she is 28 years old – that’s pretty much a pensioner in ice cream van years.

After a complete mechanical overhaul, including all the machinery that whips up Storkies famous ice cream, Dave and Snow White set out on their travels together.

Like any relationship, it’s not all plain sailing. But most days they get on. She struggles up hills from time to time but she rarely lets him down.

A New Beginning

Sadly, Snow White has served her last ice cream.

At the end of last year, she was struggling to get up the hills, and Dave thought it best that she was put out to pasture.

Snow White leaves behind a legacy of making people happy with Storkie’s infamous ice creams and she was loved and recognised everywhere she went.

Things looked bleak. But that was not the end for Storkie’s Ice Cream.

Dave scoured the country, before finally finding the next generation of Storkie’s Ice Cream. So, look out for Dave and say hi to his new trusty companion. 

Isn’t she a beauty?